How to Examine and Treat Your Pet at Home

I was visiting my stepson and his wife, they have two dogs. One is a little wiener dog named Buford, the other is a pug named Bella. Both these animals have a great disposition and are enjoyable to have around. The reason I’m writing this is, we were sitting in the living room and Bella came in, now while she is very good natured, she is a little odd looking “in this might be someone’s space critter” sort of way. She has this really flat “I run in to stationary objects for fun” sort of face, and her eye balls kind of protrude beyond plane, with one looking like it might actually explode from the eye socket like a paint ball. Well, I offered to get a hammer and tap the one eyeball back in place a little bit, so Bella’s face could be a little more symmetrical. While this idea was met with laughter, I’m not so sure it didn’t have a little merit. After all, I have had many pets over my life time, and some experience in treating small problems.

We currently have two cats, one patchwork colored one named Trouble and the other, a black one named Eldorado, or Eldo for short after my black Eldorado Cadillac. At the time my wife suggested it, she was joking, but I liked the idea and kept the name. That will teach her! Anyway, back to business, so far we have taken the boys, as we call Trouble and Eldo, into the veterinarian to be neutered, de-clawed, and to get shots. Now, I know some people disagree with de-clawing, but it was that or the wife was going to literally kill them for doing lap races, and putting claw holes all over her new leather sofa.The boys get really excited to go hide whenever they see the pet carriers come out, because they know they are going to the veterinarian. The last time we went to the veterinarian, the boys brought back little friends, Ear Mites. We went to the store, got the medicine and treated them ourselves, just because we did not want to take them back to the veterinarian.Just to be clear here, veterinarians have a tough job and do a lot of good, (though if you have ever been to the holding area in a veterinarian office, where your pet is kept while it recovers or is waiting to be seen). You know it is usually far from being antiseptic, though there is always the exception. However, there are a lot of pet problems that could be treated at home. In general we as a society have lost our ability at animal husbandry, and tend to run to the veterinarian for many things that we could treat at home, with just a little bit of instruction and knowledge.

Between bookstores and the internet, the sources for information are nearly unlimited. With the internet you can acquire information freely on the subject of animal care. By doing a little research, you can find the information you need to examine, treat, and care for minor illnesses and parasitic conditions your pet may contract. This will reduce stress on your pet and will also reduce the chance of your pet picking up anything from communal waiting areas, or holding areas like those at a veterinarians office. In short, do yourself and your pet a favor, and become more knowledgeable.